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Clean My Balls Black

Clean My Balls Black


Clean My Balls is the best golf ball cleaner on the market. The majority of golf ball cleaners have been removed from golf courses due to COVID-19. Playing with a ball full of dirt or dirt can affect your game and your score. You can now have an advantage over your golf partners with Clean My Balls.

You can hang it on your golf bag with the carabiner clip. Just add water before your game and you are ready for a clean, aerodynamic ball throughout your game. Having your portable ball cleaner allows you to clean your ball when you need it anywhere on the court and not just off the tee.

  • Dimensions

    Height: 6 inches,  Diameter: 3 inches and 1/4,  Weight: 258 grams.

  • Return policy

    Exchange on manufacturing defects only within 30 days of product purchase. No refunds.

  • Maintenance

    Always use the product with soap and water. Do not use the product dry as this could damage the brushes. It may happen that the brushes become deformed. Pour boiling water into the container and leave to act for 5 minutes. The brushes will thus return to their initial position.

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